It looks like Safari 7 / Mavericks breaks v. 1.5.2. Unfortunately, we don't have the time to dig in and update Safari Tab Reloader at the present time. We've put the source code up on GitHub and we encourage anyone who is interested in adopting Safari Tab Reloader to fork and fix it. If you get it working, drop us an issue on GitHub and we will point people to your version.


Safari Tab Reloader is a Safari 5 extension that reloads tabs automatically for you. Each tab has its own timer with its own independent interval. After you install it, a new toolbar button showing a tab with a diamond shows up. Click that button to show or hide the Tab Reloader Bar.

[by default, when you click a reloading interval, the toolbar will hide itself. You can change this in the extension's preferences.]

The custom button lets you pick your own arbitrary reload interval.

Tabs that have been reloaded in the background, but not yet looked at, are marked with a diamond in the title [but see "known issues"]:

Safari Tab Reloader bar shows the time of last reload and a countdown to the next reload:

Additionally, Safari Tab Reloader:
  • Remembers vertical and horizontal scroll positions for reloaded pages
  • Automatically pauses reloading on pages you have entered text on (so you won't lose your work)
  • Allows you to enable or disable reloading for individual tabs, or for all the tabs in a window


  1. In Safari Preferences, enable Extensions
  2. Download Safari Tab Reloader at right.
  3. Open the downloaded file to install.