The menubar audio volume app done right. (And cheap, too: just $3.99 on the Mac App Store )

Whatsit for?

Save Your Eardrums

Have you ever plugged a USB headset for video chat or SIP phone calls into your mac and had your head about blown off by too much volume in your ears? Easily, quickly, and precisely (100+ levels of control) change the volume level of any standard audio device connected to your mac.

Be Heard on Video Calls

Have you ever been greeted by a perplexed look and funky head waggle from your video call buddy because your lips were moving but they couldn't hear anything you said? Control your microphone level quickly and precisely with visual metering.

Quick Switch Default Audio Device

Quickly and easily see which audio devices are set as the system default input and output and swap to any other device with a button click.

Don't Waste Time

Have you ever plugged an extra audio device into your mac and wanted to change the volume levels for that device without click, click, clicking your way into the System Preferences and changing the default output device back and forth even though what you really wanted to do was change the volume on the non-default device? properVOLUME lets you quickly and easily change volume levels on any audio device WITHOUT switching the default (unless you want to).

Always Ready in the Menu Bar

This app is for anyone who ever wanted to have extremely precise control of their mac's audio input and output levels in an uncluttered, eye-pleasing, uber-functional, always ready to hand control panel. Always there, always ready, always easy.


Version 1.1.3 [12/20/2012]

  • Improved start at login compatibility with OS X 10.8.2
  • Recompiled with latest Xcode